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The Antwerp Throwdown 2015 – English version!

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“It’s getting hot in here”…..We’re reporting to you on Saturday July 4th 2015, and a tropical heat runs through Europe. The predictions point to 36 degrees celsius!
Respect and again respect to the athletes who will fight today during the second edition of The Antwerp Throwdown 2015. Almost 400 athletes participated in the qualifiers and the time had come for the 80 fittest men and women to show what they’ve got during The Antwerp Throwdown Final!
Besides the Dutch and Belgian athletes, there was a strong presence of international athletes at The #ATD2015:
1 Athlete from the USA                                    2 Athletes from Italy
1  Athlete from Canada                                     1 Athlete from Spain
1  Athlete from South Africa                            2 Athletes from Switzerland
6 Athletes from France                                     1 Athlete from The United Arab Emirates
9  Athlete from Germany                                 1 Athlete from the  United Kingdom
2 Athletes from Ireland
The Antwerp Throwdown 2015 - The Blonde Box
9 o’clock Let the games begin!!
For distance – row 20 min.
1a) row 2 min for distance
1b) row remaining 18 min for extra score.
Oh my…..what a sweaty ordeal, and how challenging this was. If the physical condition wasn’t optimal, then this WOD was very confronting. Nicolas Viens did a nice row for the first 2 minutes (1a) and had a nice, constant row. Within the Elite Females, Mareike Vieten won the first part of the workout (2 mins row 1a) but was surpassed by Ellen Maas in part 2 (20 min row 2b). Michael Mulders (master) wasn’t lacking next to the Elite Males and had a strong score….well done!
ATD 2015 The Blonde Box
WOD 2 :
For time (time cap 12 min)
Deadlift     M 110/F 70 kg – MM 90/MF 70 kg
Box Jumps Over
4 Rounds for time:
2 Robe Climbs
3 Squat Cleans   M 90/F 50 kg – MM 70/MF 50 kg
We start with a nice couplet met con. Here, it was necessary to really push through and mentally set your mind to not drop the barbell or stop during the box jumps…GO, GO, GO!
Ready? We’ll continue with the rope climbs and the squat cleans. The rope climbs are quite challenging for some athletes. 18 Elite males, 4 Elite females and 4 master males did the workout within 12 minutes. Nice done!
WOD 3 :
Snatch Ladder
These kind of WOD’s are always a sensation. The audience loved it! The athetes were well encourages, and people seemed to have forgotten the tropical heat. Now it was all about technique ‘Get those weights’ – and then a bit more.! Some athletes went above themselves en were thrilled about hitting a new PR.  4 Elite males; Nicolas Viens, Gerome Casamento, Lars Jakobheit and Eoghan MCGregor did the COMPLETE snatch ladder, 12 bars- through 110kg.
Leonie Henrich, Elite Female did the ladder with easy and decided to stop at 65kg, as she had passed all other ladies, but we think she could have pulled off the next bar as well.
Fons Werbata (Master) was a boss in this WOD and kept on going until he passed 90kg.
ATD 2015

ATD 2015 The Blonde Box



WOD 4 :  Final


For time (time cap 12 min)
21 Toes to bar + Chest to bar ; TTB + Pull-up for F, MM, FM
18 Overhead squats  M 60 kg – F 40 kg/MM 50 kg – MF 40 kg
15 pistols
12 Thrusters (same weight as OHS)
9 m Handstand walk
6 Ball over shoulder M 70 kg ; F, MM, MF 35 kg
3 Ring Muscle Ups
In the remaining time AMRAP ring muscle ups. * For every performed ring MU, the time will be reduced with 5 sec.
We had reached the final, and a heavy workout. Kevin Winkens (Elite Male) was so strong in the ‘extra’ Ring Muscle Ups, that his final time for this workout was….1:06 minutes! 25 Ring Muscle ups after he had completed the workout.
Leonie Henrich did a good job as well. After finishing the workout swiftly, she continued with the Ring Muscle ups, and rounded off her time to 6:21 minutes!
Within the master men and master women Fons and Marcha were the champs, and stayed steady and strong during the WOD.


Elite Male:                                                                               Elite Female:
1. Nicolas Viens                                                                       1. Leonie Henrich
2. Lars Jakobeit                                                                       2. Eva Willemarck
3. Kevin Winkens                                                                    3. Sarah Dinkelaar
Master Male:                                                                           Master Female:
1. Zsigmond Nagy                                                                   1. Marcha van Glaanen
2. Fons Werbata                                                                      2. Marijke Gijsens
3. Michael Mulders                                                                 3. Julia Stransky






Good Vibes

The vibe, and ambience was very nice, both for the athletes and spectators. Manu Matthijssens (owner of CrossFit Moves) and Julia Dour had put their heart and soul in this second edition of The Antwerp Throwdown and that was noticeable!
The typical belgian ambience was alive…and the water filled wodden barrels where the athletes could cool off their exhausted muscles. The chill out zones on different areas, big ‘fat boy’ pillows where you could just hang out and have conversations with friends or other athletes and spectators…and get new friends!
Dehydration and hunger was nog an issue at all. Cocos Locos had fresh cool coconut juice and CARAVAN had a ‘food rtyck’ with wraps, cake, hot dogs ,chili. CrossFit related vendors sold items, such as PurePharma; Beastmode, Primal.
In the pause break there was no reason to feel idle or bored because ‘strong lady’ athlete Carmen Bosmans did a Jerk Demo (on her bare feet) with 100kg on the great Jerk Boxes from Crossmaxx, who also stood for all material on this day.



ATD 2015 The Blonde Box





Thank you

We had such a nice time on this beautiful day, and the athletes were giving a spectacular fight on this hot day. We also want to thank Jaap Marinus from Reebok, Denise and Diederick from Crossmaxx for making this #ATD possible and all the fantastic volunteers…Lothar, Christl, Tom Craenhals, Katrien Vandamme, Danny Kampers, Siri Rohmesmo, Marlene Clason, judges, vendors and CrossFit Moves.
And to Julia Dour, Event Manager for The Antwerp Throwdown, responsible for athletes, and operational activities at The Antwerp Throwdown, thank you!
Thanks to all kind people and athletes for a fantastic second edition of The Antwerp Throwdown, 2015.
We loved every minute of it!! 

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